Tab toggling is costing you a fortune .

Tab toggling is costing you a fortune.

Flex space tech that works together removes tab toggling, reduces overheads, improves productivity, and drives up profits.

Every time we toggle between browser tabs, our 🧠 brains take these 🛑 tiny pauses to recalibrate.

These tiny pauses add up rapidly, burning productivity and often leading to avoidable mistakes.

One study found that these pauses add up to five working weeks per worker per year. 

That’s 9% of annual work time. 

Another found that workers needed 9.5 minutes to get back into good workflows after switching apps and that workers lose around 59 minutes per day looking for information trapped within different tools.

third study found that workers using 30+ apps at work made 28% more errors than those doing fewer switches.

👆 Together, you can think of these these as your Toggle Tax .

But how much is Toggle Tax costing your flex space business every year?

Toggle Tax Calculator
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Syncaroo helps flex space businesses eliminate Toggle Tax by turning disconnected tech stacks into time-saving, data-driven operating stacks.

Automate tedious tasks.

Drop tedious repetitive tasks, and reduce human errors, with battle-tested off-the-shelf integrations across listing, booking, mailroom, CRM, marketing, and other platforms.

Drop "workarounds".

Instead of hacky workarounds or long training sessions, get integrations and automations that fit how your team loves to work, not the other way around.

Bring your latest data into ANY website, app, or platform, with Syncaroo Assistant and sing bye-bye-bye to constantly toggling between apps and interfaces when getting important things done.

Case Study

How Patch improved their lead-gen & onboarding processes.

Patch worked with Syncaroo to find and remove repetitive manual tasks, and automate how leads flow from their websites and social, into Hubspot

With a custom data implementation, everything is also kept in sync with Nexudus automatically throughout every member’s onboarding process.

Syncaroo is available to flex space businesses using these industry-leading management systems.