Another layer of encryption for your synced data.

Data is now encrypted once more as it moves between your platforms and teams via Syncaroo.

Helping operators and landlords connect systems to sync and collect data between platforms and teams across their organizations is a role we take very seriously.

We know how important it is to keep your data safe and secure, and so we have doubled down on the encryption methods used to protect information as it moves between your systems.

🛡 Encrypted in transit.

Since day 1, we have imposed a strict rule that all integrations must be double-authenticated AND use HTTPS to encrypt data syncing via Syncaroo.

Laying down the right groundwork, allows us to ensure that all data that flows in or out of our infrastructure is encrypted, secured, and authenticated.

This “in transit” protection is the same encryption that keeps your banking, email, and online shopping details safe as it moves across the internet between servers and your devices.

🆕 Encrypted at rest.

A lot of the magic that allows multiple systems to stay in sync happens within our infrastructure by essentially “translating” messages rapidly between the different “languages” each platform speaks so that they can communicate in near-real-time.

This is where today’s upgrade kicks in.

Even though most data moves through our system for fragments of a second, we wanted to make sure that whilst it’s in our care, it’s encrypted again.

This creates a double-secure protocol for moving your business’s information, both internally between your systems and externally with your trusted vendors and/or platforms.

⌨️ No extra dev time.

We always strive to make it as effortless as possible for integrated platforms to leverage all the additional security, augmentation, and processing functionality we build into our data-syncing infrastructure.

This encryption upgrade requires no additional development time and has already been activated automatically for all integrations syncing bookings or memberships between systems.

💡 Only getting started.

We take the security of the data, and the trust workspace operators put in us very seriously.

This encryption update also sits nicely alongside the Data Firewall each Syncaroo account already comes with.

These security layers are continuously improved, hardened, and audited, to further support you and your data-synchronicity needs.

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