Assistant adds alerts & reminders for flex space teams

The newest version of Syncaroo Assistant introduces Alerts, bringing data-driven reminders to busy flex space teams.

“I’ll just add this to the to-do list for our team to do whenever that happens…”

As tech stacks and flex space businesses mature, it seems like the number of important things busy operating teams need to remember to do keeps growing.

And growing.

And groooowing.

We’ve worked with operators who have a lengthy to-do list just for handling how to onboard an existing member’s new employee. 

If you look a little deeper, there are also to-do lists for many of the things flex teams need to remember to do whenever certain things or ‘events’ happen in their spaces. 

For example, noting the things to remember to do whenever an office becomes available, or a booking comes in from that 3rd party platform, or some mail arrives for those lucrative virtual office customers.

As the number of things we need to remember to do grows, so does the possibility that sometimes tasks may either get forgotten, dropped or bounced endlessly between team members until they can be done.

Not very efficient. We get it.

Syncaroo Assistant is a tool that helps make your flex workspace teams more efficient.

The new version of Assistant, available now in the private beta, introduces Alerts alongside the increasingly popular live Data view.

Introducing Alerts

Your Syncaroo Assistant now also includes a customizable feed of important changes, from across your organization’s data.

Give marketing and sales a live log of changes in pricing, descriptions, files, and availability across all your locations. 

Let ops and community teams see bookings and reservations as they get locked in, or when offices or dedicated seats are set to become available again.

Alerts in Syncaroo Assistant keep your teams in sync – without a single email, message, SMS, post-it note, or tap on the shoulder being needed.

This is a new feature and we’re very excited about all the interesting new functionality being requested, ideated, developed, and tested with operating teams currently in the beta program.

Join the beta, start using Syncaroo Assistant today

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If you’re using any of the following management systems, you can request access to the Syncaroo Assistant private beta when you sign up for Syncaroo Platform.

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