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Making your flex workspace team more efficient, in email. in Canva. in documents. in spreadsheets. on booking platforms. on social media everywhere.

Syncaroo Assistant is in public beta, available to flex workspace and landlord teams as part of a Syncaroo Platform plan.

Inline check ups and updates.

A recent studies found that workers spent over 4 weeks of work time switching contexts and apps to get work done. 

To help you minimize the Toggle Tax at your business,  Syncaroo Assistant includes little widgets called Helpers that overlay live data and tools within the apps that are most important to your team.

The first 10 Helpers requested are being actively developed alongside multi-location flex space teams to bring their live data right into LiquidSpace, Hubble, TallyMarketDeskpass, Instant OfficesNear U, Workthere, OfficeFreedom, Office Hub, and RubberDesk UK.

Want to see your Helpers in your most important platforms?

Live and in-development Assistant Helpers:

Live data. Alongside any tab.

Not every website has a Helper (yet). 

For everything else, Syncaroo Assistant includes a companion sidebar, that allows you to grab live-data from your integrated systems, right alongside any website.

Want to check which hot desks in that building are available right now? It’s in your sidebar.

Want to grab the latest price for that office as you reply to a message on Linkedin? Sidebar.

Meeting rooms descriptions in Google Docs? Fixed desk info on Craigslist? Pricing when replying on LinkedIn?

Sidebar. Sidebar. Aaaand.. sidebar.

Assistant gets the data you need, no tab switching required.

Alerts that matter.

Customize alerts so you know what’s happening across your flex space business, right in the Assistant sidebar.

Whether you need to know when an office contract is set up, a meeting room is booked, or whenever photos, pricing, descriptions, or information have changed – Alerts are available within a single click.

Want Alerts when Assistant is closed? With optional live notifications, Assistant can also deliver live updates in Windows and Mac OS.

Available to teams using:

🔥 Toggle Tax is burning your team's productivity.