A check-up for flex space ops.

Get an in-depth check-up of your tech stack, processes, user journeys and data silos.

Unlock actionable advice for connecting your systems and streamlining your workflows.

A quick intro.

Hey, we’re Syncaroo.

We offer a suite of products and services for flex workspaces to streamline their operations and increasingly leverage their own data as a competitive advantage.


Who is an Ops Stack Audit for?

These 3-step audits are best for flex workspace decision-makers who would like to improve where time, resources and data can be leveraged within their organizations.

Whether you’re assessing new technology, thinking about making a change, exploring bringing in new partners, or completely lost in tech debt, an Ops Stack Audit can help.


What are the 3 steps?

1. Org-wide Ops Audit

A look at how work gets done today with key stakeholders and operating teams on the ground.

2. Tech Stack Review

A look at what your current technology does, can do and where it may be lacking or letting your team down.

3. Ops Stack Guidance

Report & feedback improving automations, connecting data-silos and improving operations against any budget or other constraints.

Ready to get started?