Auto-updating Website Widgets

Copy-paste widgets designed to help fill desks and boost revenues.

Designed to work everywhere

Whether you’re using Wix, Squarespace, WordPress or custom-coded your site from scratch, Syncaroo widgets are designed to boost sales by keeping your website or landing pages automatically up-to-date.

A few Live demos

Auto-updating location Info, Capacity & Availability

Make it easy to see what offices, meeting rooms and memberships you offer at one or all of your locations. 

Choose what to show, for which locations, where to send clicks and then copy-paste into your website.

Below is a live demo updated automatically from one of our test accounts. 

Auto-updating Opening Hours

The pandemic showed us that everything can change from day to day or week to week, this includes the opening hours and entry restrictions for offices all around the world. 

Automatically updated Opening Hours widgets make sure you never land up confusing customers, members or tenants with outdated opening hours on your website.

Create the widget, pick the location, and copy-paste into any web page.

Updating your website shouldn't be a Chore

Delegate it to Syncaroo

Auto-update your prices, opening hours and more through a growing number of powerful, but easy-to-use, copy-paste widgets. 

Do website widgets cost extra?

Website Widgets will not cost extra, every location connected to Syncaroo, will be able to generate as many widgets as you need.

What can we customize ourselves?

Every widget can be increasingly customized via your Syncaroo account. At launch you'll be able to customize primary colors and links, as well as what data is shown on each widget.

How many widgets can we create?

As many as your heart, and marketing plans, desire. Use different widgets on your main website, on partner sites, on landing pages, and in a variety of creative ways.

How do I create a widget?

From your Syncaroo account, simply add the 'Website Widget' connection to your account, pick your desired settings and you're good to go.

Can we request changes or improvements?

Yes please! Just use the chat widget from inside your Syncaroo account to let us know what you'd like to change, and why, and we'll pass that on to the development team.

Are there more widgets coming?

There certainly is! We'll be continuously adding new widgets and settings as we learn how best to help you grow your revenues.

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