Automate your Upflex listings & tasks.

Upflex has integrated with Syncaroo to help workspace operators streamline important workflows and tasks.

A few notes about this integration:

Start syncing with Upflex today.

To get started, click your workspace management system below and then register or log in to Syncaroo.

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Don’t see your management system?

Reach out. Syncaroo are constantly adding new integrations with all the best flex space and coworking platforms.

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About Upflex:

Upflex is a fast-growing, global proptech company offering a suite of SaaS solutions for the hybrid workplace. Upflex’s all-in-one technology stands to become the flex industry standard, connecting occupiers, brokerages and flex space providers in one seamless ecosystem that champions flexibility and choice, and makes distributed work simpler, more cost-efficient, more sustainable, more scalable, and more secure. A technology-driven company, Upflex is built on the belief that the key to a better world of work lies in data. Their platforms provide users with rich, actionable workspace usage data to drive smarter workspace decisions, and greater efficiency overall, for companies, for the workforce, and for the planet.

Synchronization features:

Generate & auto-populate your listings.

Upflex offers quick registration flows via Sign Up with Syncaroo.

If you’re not registered for Upflex, you can use your Syncaroo account to generate and automatically populate listings on the platform in just a few clicks.

Syncing with Upflex is now free.

Upflex recently made syncing data and bookings through Syncaroo free for all space partners, new and old.

👉 Learn more about why Upflex made two-way syncing free.

Full control of what gets synced.

Pick exactly what you want to sync with Upflex.

Choose which meeting rooms and hot desks to sync, or make it easier for potential customers to find and book longer-term flex options by syncing all or some of your offices.

You’re in control, always.

Delight new & returning customers.

Upflex leverages live availability to proactively avoid double-bookings to help you provide a smoother experience for both new and returning customers.

Once confirmed, important booking information is synced back into your workspace management system.

Faster booking process.

Upflex users can book access quickly, without having to select specific desks within grouped resources, leading to higher utilization & revenues for your space.

Utilization and capacity limits are automatically checked at booking time.

Integration Changelog:

5 May 2022

  • 2-way syncing upgraded.

16 August 2021

  • Upgrade integration added to private beta, featuring 2-way syncing to avoid double-bookings.
  • Upflex announced integration and shares how to request access (See here).
  • Syncaroo announced integration, including a quote from Upflex CPO. (See here)

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