Automating Google My Business updates for flex workspaces.

Flex workspaces can now begin auto-updating critical GMB information via Syncaroo.

Search volume for 'coworking' & 'flex space' is returning. Fast.

Google is pushing lot of this search traffic towards local business, through their Google My Business listings.

For a long time, Google My Business (aka GMB) listings were generally thought of as ‘how you show up on Google Maps’. This hasn’t been the case for quite a while, with GMB listings showing to searchers in a whole number of different ways – alongside, in between and within search results. 

It’s recommended best-practice to keep your GMB information updated. It not only prevents confusing or frustrating potential customers, but also boosts your reach and discoverability on some of the worlds’ largest search engines like Google, Google Maps and inside other apps.

As you may have heard, at Syncaroo we build automations that help flex workspaces avoid the tediously repetitive tasks that limit their reach and revenues.

For months we’ve been working on a few ways to help workspace operators automate the updating of GMB listings whenever changes are made within connected property management systems.

Today, we get to share your first step in Automating GMB for your flex workspace business.

Introducing the first GMB Syncaroo Automation.

Syncaroo beta participants will now be able to access the first version of our Google My Business Automation.

This first version focusses on the most critical lead-generating piece of information first – updating what could hurt your brand the most if left out-of-date. 

When exploring what data was most critical to both potential on-demand/drop-in leads and those seeking long-term local workspace options, the answer was clear: Opening Hours.

Why start with Opening Hours?

Apart from the fact that inaccurate operating hours will frustrate potential customers who simply “trust Google” to have the right information, here’s just a few prominent places Opening Hours show up:

The Google Local Pack
shows 3 listings near
the top of local searches.
Opening hours show prominently
in the Google Local Finder view.
Even highlighting when
they were last updated.
Hours (and when they were updated)
are also prominently displayed on
Google Knowledge Blocks.
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How this Syncaroo Automation works.

After connecting your GMB account to Syncaroo, your selected workspaces’ office hours will get automatically updated whenever we detect changes to that information. 

One less thing for your team to worry about whenever your opening times change.

What about other GMB data, info or posts?

As with all our automations, we incrementally add and thoroughly test the syncing of more and more information, making sure we deliver on our promise of stress-free & click-free automations for busy workspace operators and marketers. 

As new data syncs are added, they’ll be automatically added to live GMB Automations, making the Automation even more powerful over time, whilst you focus on everything else it takes to run a flex workspace. 

What gets added (and stress tested) is guided chiefly by Syncaroo’s amazing beta customers.

Want to start automating your GMB updates? Join the Syncaroo beta today

Google, Google Maps, Google My Business are trademarks of Google LLC. 

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