Making it effortless to assess and sign up to workspace aggregators too

Syncaroo already helps operators keep existing profiles (and their bookings) in-sync. Here's how we're helping operators explore new opportunities faster and easier.

We recently surpassed 2.2M events processed whilst syncing data between existing accounts across integrated platforms.

Today we take another big swing, streamlining the whole process around assessing and registering for new platforms or aggregators with the introduction of Sign Up With Syncaroo buttons.

This powerful piece of technology has been designed & developed from the ground up to save you time, by making it 20x faster to explore new opportunities and markets whilst always keeping you in full control of your inventory data.

Let’s dive in. 👇

How often are you asked to join new flex space platforms?

From what we’ve seen, and heard, it’s often. Very very often. 

And we don’t believe the number of platforms or aggregators to join will slow down anytime soon.

Many platforms offer exciting, new, or wider opportunities. But for each one, a whole checklist of items needs to be done before a single booking can be made.

But what if registration was A LOT better + faster?

Syncaroo has developed a powerful 3-in-1 Signup button to help you quickly evaluate, register, and set up syncing with new platforms in just a few clicks.

Click, evaluate, populate, and control.

Today we take the first step, introducing 3 powerful tools in one unsuspecting button within the Syncaroo dashboard.

Clicking on a ‘Sign up‘ button kickstarts a fast and secure sign-up process with that platform.

Through this almost-magical button you’ll be able to:


Learn about the platform.


A summary of the terms & conditions.


A summary of the fees of participating or using this platform.


Who uses this platform, and how/why.


Where is this platform seeing high or growing utilization?

The button and functionality is ready for operators who connect their andcards, cobot, Nexudus, OfficeRnD, or Satellite Deskworks accounts to the Syncaroo Private Beta. 

What's next for these buttons?

As you may already know, here at Syncaroo we build deep, test even deeper, and gather as tonnes of feedback from beta testers all along the way.

Got ideas? Want to try out the future of flex platform registrations? Login to your Syncaroo account today or request access to the Syncaroo Private Beta today.

Flex workspace platform or aggregator developer?

All flex workspace platforms and aggregators who integrate with our unified flex workspace API can request access to Sign Up with Syncaroo functionality.

If you’re already integrated, ping your Syncaroo dev contact to get setup instructions. 

If you’re not integrated with Syncaroo yet, you can request developer access here.

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