A fractional CIO, for your flex space business.

Get a Chief Information Officer, at a fraction of the cost.

How you connect systems + data today,
defines if you survive, or thrive, tomorrow.

Ideally, every flex space business would have an experienced Chief Information Officer on staff. 

This individual will be responsible for helping the firm navigate the rapidly changing tech landscape, while making sure data becomes an unfair competitive advantage.

However, with the average CIO salary in US being $324,176, only a small fraction of flex space businesses can afford one. Let alone benefits and other HR overheads.

With Syncaroo’s Fractional CIO offering, flex space businesses not only get a member of our team as their part-time CIO, but also get a whole support team, data-syncing tech, time-saving tools and market insights.

Best of all, Syncaroo CIO starts from as little as $3,200 per month.

(That’s a saving of $285,000+ per year right off the bat)

👋 Meet your new CIO.

With Syncaroo CIO your business gets:

✅ Ongoing support: Get questions answered on Slack, email or delivered directly to your exec board.

✅ Market trends: Insights into big and undercurrent trends.

✅ Tech analysis: Make better, faster decisions.

Not every workspace business is built the same. In an initial call we’ll run through your business needs and discuss where Syncaroo CIO could deliver the most value for your business.

Ongoing 1-on-1 problem-solving.

Tackling challenges, addressing concerns and exploring opportunities, together.

The world of flex workspaces is changing so quickly. New platforms, capabilities, functionalities and tools are introduced all the time. Sometimes, some even go away.

Call on your very own flex space tech expert to run through what’s going on, and what you’ve got planned or to dig into some tech, automation, or integrations you’ve noticed.

As tech drives your business, this isn’t just “tech support”, it’s critical business support.

Tech moves, updates and insights.

Impartial answers to your burning questions about tech, trends, and market moves.

Syncaroo is built for forward-thinking flex space businesses.

With so much uncertainty around the industry and those adjacent to us, you’re bound to constantly have questions about what’s happening or could happen – and how it could impact your workflows, tech, and operational objectives.

Get impartial answers to your questions, from your very own fractional CIO.