CloudVO streamlines flex space workflows through powerful two-way syncing.

The platform that coined "Workplace-as-a-Service" in 2004 have added robust two-way data syncing via Syncaroo

CloudVO allows individuals and enterprises to access state-of-the-art workplace services on a subscription or pay-per-use basis.

CloudVO increasingly connects demand to over 1,000 locations around the world through a variety of offerings, including their CloudTouchdown Passes (for remote workers) and the promotion of available Private Offices, Meeting Rooms, Coworking Space and Virtual Offices. 

From today, workspace operators can not only automate updating CloudVO, with critical information like pricing, availability and media – but also rest assured that bookings made in CloudVO are checked to avoid double-bookings and then synced right back into your property management system.

Integrations aren't new, but a 'workflow automation ecosystem' is.

The way technologies and services for flex spaces connect with each other has drastically changed. And the number of platforms, services and solutions each flex space leverages to market, fill and run their spaces has grown too.

Whilst platforms connecting to each other isn’t rocket science, providing a rapid way for operators to automate the most laborious parts of their workflows across an ever-growing list of platforms and services… well that definitely is.

Here’s what Amanda from CloudVO, had to say about why they’ve integrated with Syncaroo:

As CloudVO has continued to grow, we’ve realized that there are two major pain points for space operators when working with aggregators: the time it takes to update their listings and manual processes that need to be done to accommodate third-party sales.

Our choice to integrate with Syncaroo provides a solution for both of these headaches by allowing operators to sync their property management systems for a seamless information transfer and enable real-time bookings for clients using the CloudVO platform.

What Property Management Systems can sync CloudVO with?

At the time of writing, full two-way syncing is available to workspaces using either Nexudus or OfficeRnD management systems, with one-way auto-updates available in Cobot and Satellite Deskworks.

But keep an eye on our Public Roadmap, as these and other platforms are constantly being upgraded or added.

We use CloudVO, how can we auto-update our listings?!

Great! The first step is to request access to the Syncaroo Beta

As we’re currently in private beta, we’re running a waiting list and inviting in a few spaces at a time. 

You’ll then get a welcome email when it’s your turn to join in, and connect your CloudVO account.

Still got questions?

We’ve got answers. You can either contact your CloudVO team, or hit the little chat icon the bottom right of the Syncaroo website to chat with us.

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