Coworking Alliance Maps

Self-managed (& Syncaroo-updated) member maps for coworking alliances.

We’re big believers in the immense and increasing power that coworking alliances have in helping businesses discover local workspaces, we dug in and worked on an installable solution.

So when a number of coworking alliances asked if we could help them setup powerful member maps (that could alos get automatically updated through Syncaroo) on their WordPress sites, we got to work.

What we’ve come up with is and affordable implementation to show off your members’ spaces.

For a small fee, we’ll setup the map and workspace search engine, implement user-managed listings, integrate the workspace profiles with Syncaroo and provide support and updates for the installation.

And best of all, the listings all live within your own WordPress site and database so listings can be managed by your website users and administrators, with or without Syncaroo data-syncing.

If we haven’t met yet… 👋 hello there! We’re Syncaroo and we help workspace operators keep their marketing channels, aggregator listings, appointed brokers, booking partners and now alliance website listings up-to-date.

What you get:

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Monthly Plan

$ 40
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Annual Plan

$ 400
  • Save $100 p/year by registering today.​

You're in good Company

A few Syncaroo-updated Alliances

Syncaroo already powers the creation, management and automatic-updating of workspace listings across some awesome coworking alliances you’ve probably heard about.

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