What Data is Synced?

Between your Management System and the platforms or services you choose.

In short.

Syncaroo is currently integrating more and more platforms & solutions that boost reach and revenues.

In order to assist you in automating cross-platform workflows, Syncaroo will process and sync different data in very specific ways. 

In short, integrations for marketing, lead-generation and sales workflows will receive workspace related data only. As we release optional integrations for internal tools and systems, a strict Data Processing Agreement will be in place to govern how member data is synced from one system to another.

The Long Version.

Below is a detailed overview of what Syncaroo syncs out of your workspace management platform, what data you’ll get back from booking requests and what the future holds for syncing between internal member-facing systems. 

🎯 Synced out to Marketing, Sales & Lead-Gen

Physical Properties

Whether you run one space or multiple buildings.

Workspace Availability

Keep the leads coming in with live availability syncing.

Pricing Changes

Make sure all your marketing channels have the latest data.

Your Contact Details

Teams change, that doesn't mean you should miss leads.

Photos & Media

No outdated photos, logos or media. Ever again.

Space Descriptions

Pour love into your copy, we'll get it updated everywhere.

Search Engine Metadata

Changed keywords? We'll update your listings.

Opening Hours

Never have anybody stranded outside.

Member Data

No member data is synced out.

🧾 Synced in from Marketing, Sales & Lead-Gen.


Platforms that are granted permissions to automatically reserve resources will be able to sync bookings directly into your Management System.

The contents of this booking will contain details about which platform the booking came from, and depending on the source, more information about contacting the customer about their booking.

In the near future.

We aim to, someday soon, streamline your whole booking flow. 

The goal is enable you to manage, move, confirm or decline bookings and coordinate directly with the client (and source platform) from within your preferred management system.

This will require a few changes to how data is shared back to Management Systems and to what data is provided to enable that. We’ll post updates to our blog as we work through these changes.

🎫 Synced within your internal stack.


Syncaroo currently syncs workspace data, inventory and pricing from your Property Management Systems to platforms or services that help  with Marketing, Lead Generation or Sales for your space.

But we do understand that booking a desk, membership or meeting room is just the first step of many.

To enable delightful experiences for all members and guests Workspace Management Systems need to also seamlessly connect & sync with the systems that your members, their guests and your staff interact with each and every day. And so, we’re working on these workflows for you too.

In the near future.

When we’re ready to share our innovations & integrations within the Hospitality layer, workspace operators will be able to review and accept our Data Processing Agreement before opting in to using any workflows that rely on syncing members’ data.

Syncing on your terms

You're in Control

Pick where data is synced in from, and what data gets sent to each platform. 

Expert Syncing Support

This is our Jam

Not only do we love saving workspace operators time and money, but we built our proprietary data transforming algorithm from scratch for Syncaroo.

We’re here to help.

Only getting started

10+ Integrations

We’re working on inbound & outbound integrations for all your favorite listing platforms and workspace management platforms.  See our public roadmap here.