How your data is synced.

Learn more about how data is synced with your management system.

Syncaroo gives workspace operators ever-growing automation capabilities through integrations, data-syncing, guidance, and support.

The first step of working with us usually involves connecting your preferred management system to your new data-syncing infrastructure.

But a big, and very valid, question about connecting to Syncaroo is:

"What data and permissions should I share, and why?"

We believe in transparency, especially when it comes to your business data.

So let’s dive into what we recommend sharing and why.

Security at our core. Not an afterthought.

Syncaroo is built from the ground up for workspace operators.

Data is increasingly the competitive advantage of market-leading flex space businesses, and so everything we do aims to improve your business efficiencies without sacrificing security.

Not only do we double-encrypt sensitive data as it moves between your systems, but we also always put you in full control over which platforms can access specific sets of your data.

When it comes to data we monitor API calls to guard each of the systems from a zero-trust approach, this allows us to quickly detect and address data inconsistencies on an integration-by-integration basis. 

Above that, we also deploy threat monitoring, intrusion detection, network activity monitoring, and file integrity monitoring supported by rapid response experts.





Inventory API

Sync selected locations, resources, pricing, and marketing details with the platforms you choose.

Granular control is available through your Data Firewall.

Availability API

Sync live & upcoming availability for bookable resources.

This API shares whether the resources you’ve shared via Inventory are available now, soon, or in the future.

Bookings API

Enable instant confirmations with built-in clash avoidance & resource blocking.

By syncing back into your management system, you also have better data in accounting, onboarding, and business intelligence.

Personal Identifiable Information within booking syncs is encrypted, twice.

Members API

Lookup and sync members, companies, and their plans.

Securely connect systems so that your members can enjoy more seamless experiences.

Billing API

Add, update, or remove line items on members’ invoices.

Automate billing from auxiliary services to reduce human errors or delays and improve profits per line-item.