Evergreen Discoverability – effortless promotion of your flex workspace.

By making it effortless to update listings - workspace booking platforms & apps could become evergreen marketing channels.

Recently we (and others) have shared what  Syncaroo technology does and could do, by comparing it to the idea of a ‘global distribution system’ (or GDS) for the flex workspace industry.

But we believe it’d also be useful to highlight why we do what we do.

In short, we believe that by making it effortless to update workspace booking platforms and aggregators, more people can discover the right flex workspaces for their businesses. 

In this blog post we provide some background, the options that currently exist and why we’re building Syncaroo to expand the flex workspace industry.

🔎 Workspace discoverability.

A critical part of making a flex workspace business sustainable is being able to reliably ensure that your offerings or memberships are discoverable by as many ideal potential customers as possible.

Discoverability is usually achieved through direct or indirect marketing and sales effort. From writing blog posts, to magazine ads, to listing availability with brokers, platforms or apps. 

With the dramatic shifts in how flex workspaces are currently being found, booked and paid for, there’s a growing number of platforms, aggregators and brokers who are all promising to help market and connect flex workspaces to different business niches, categories and markets.

However, just like creating blog or social media content, there’s a resource or time requirement to setting up and then maintaining listings across all of these platforms. 

Whilst listing workspaces on as many platforms as possible is a recommended strategy, the continuous management of these profiles, pricing and availability quickly add up for workspace operators and those marketing them.

Until now, this left workspace teams with three bad options when dealing with this challenge:

👎 In short, all 3 options stink.

Not only are the existing options bad, but they are actually holding back and damaging the flex workspace industry too. 

And that’s exactly why we’re building Syncaroo.

🌲 'Evergreen' workspace discoverability.

In the content marketing world, ‘evergreen content‘ is a powerful tool used in the marketing strategies of almost all successful brands across the internet. 

Blog or website content becomes ‘evergreen’ when it is continuously relevant and stays “fresh” for readers – regardless of whether it’s read or seen today, last month or a year from now – without additional manual effort or changes. 

Our goal is to make all listing platforms evergreen.

By that we mean that by making it possible for booking/brokerage platforms to be automatically updated whenever changes are made centrally – workspace operators could afford to list their offerings on even more platforms. 

This in turn enables even more potential customers to discover, book and join flex workspaces around the world.

🎩 Ready to make your workspace listings evergreen?

Join the Syncaroo beta today, and play a part of the biggest shift in how workspaces are marketed and sold since the first free day pass was printed and handed out.

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