A firewall for flex workspace data.

Data isn't just necessary anymore. When leveraged correctly, it can build unfair competitive advantages. Here's how we help protect your data and the advantages it creates.

Two key shifts are happening in the commercial real estate industry.

Firstly, data is guiding more decisions and being shaped into unfair competitive advantages for fast-moving data-led organizations.

Secondly, flex Operational Stacks are increasingly modular, requiring a lot of different teams, systems, and technology to be interconnected and kept in sync.

So with integrations and data both becoming critically important, making sure you’re in control of what is shared, and with who, is therefore also of immense importance.

Assuming the worst, and building for zero trust.

There are a lot of scary things that could happen with the way data is currently shared across the commercial real estate and flex workspace sector. 

We’ve seen risks for privacy breaches via calendar feeds, operators concerned about who can access and process their data, and plaintext documents or spreadsheets becoming a possible attack vector.

Ideally, 90% of the worst-case scenarios may never ever happen. But we’ve still designed Syncaroo’s CRE data infrastructure by always planning for the worst, incrementally building toward a true Zero Trust integration ecosystem.

The powerful controls that are available to protect your data form the first layer of the Syncaroo Data Firewall.

Zero Trust security means that no one is trusted by default from inside or outside the network, and verification is required from everyone trying to gain access to resources on the network.

How Syncaroo keeps you in control of your flex data.

Having disconnected systems are no longer an option, so how these systems connect is critically important.

Syncaroo is built from the ground up to put, and keep authenticated persons in full control over what workspace data is shared, which resources are bookable, and then deploy hard blocks against accessing anything else.

To illustrate the depth of control you get when integrating through Syncaroo, here’s a recent screenshot of a group of locations being synced between officernd and Upflex:

Pick locations

Pick which locations you want each connected system to be able to see.

Control settings by resource type.

Control what resource types each platform can see and get info about.

Resource-level toggles.

Go deeper and pick exactly which resources or products are synced.

Clearly monitor access.

Quickly see which locations, resources and data are being synced.

Workspace operators have granular control over exactly what data and resources are synced and bookable through a powerful, yet simple-to-use, interface.

A firewall, for your flex workspace data.

Syncaroo’s data firewall comes built-in with every integration within our ecosystem and is activated automatically across all tiers.

This means you get improved data security regardless of whether you’re on our free, grow, or enterprise tiers.

Start securing your flex workspace data by joining the Syncaroo beta today.

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