Thousands of flexible workspaces can now automatically update their lockdown status

Today, 1000s of workspaces can get free access to the first public version of Syncaroo's data-syncing technology.

Thousands of workspaces around the world who use CobotNexudus and OfficeRnD to manage their spaces can now signup for Syncaroo, to automatically update their current Covid-19 lockdown statuses on a growing number of platforms, alliances and website widgets and plugins.

Today, we’re opening up public testing of StatusSync, our free tier of syncing, to help workspace operators keep their partners and listing services automatically updated as changes are made on the ground.

Keeping this data up-to-date gives prospective customers a clear and consistent understanding of how each workspaces they are currently researching is responding to the pandemic and changing local regulations. 

And right now, confidence in shared and flexible workspaces needs to be built up again. Day by day, change by change – even if we don’t know what changed next month, or quarter, will bring. 

Who can get Syncaroo today? And what does it sync to?

We’re inviting active customers of the CobotNexudus and OfficeRnD platforms to register for our free status syncing tier today.

Connecting Syncaroo to any integrated platform takes less than 30s and we’ve also prepared step-by-step instructions and video guides for each of them.

This free tier will let you test our technology by syncing your lockdown statuses to different services like Upflex (which provide corporate coworking passes and billing management)WomenWhoCowork’s Spaces Directory (which promote women-led coworking spaces worldwide)’s Partner Directory (which promotes spaces leveraging their business perks platform) and a WordPress plugin for updating marketing and coworking alliance websites automatically.

Just the first step to automating workspace syncing.

This is however the first step (of many many steps) as we strive towards our audacious goal of completely automating the updating of workspace data across the global ecosystem of platforms and services.

We’re certain that you’ll have a whole bunch of great suggestions, questions and even constructive criticisms and we can’t wait to hear all of them. 

What you can expect to see in the coming weeks:

We can’t wait to see what you think, hear your suggestions and to keep building out this powerful technology with, and for, your workspace.

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