Give the gift of workspace .

When you gift workspace access, your gift goes even further.

A gift to inspire, focus and recharge.

Give your friends, colleagues, loved-ones, or favorite service providers the gift of somewhere beautiful to work for a day or few.

Supports business-supporting workspaces.

Buying gift cards for workspace access, also helps ensure that workspaces can continue to support more local businesses.

#GiftWorkspace is a global campaign to help make workspaces access more... 'giftable'.

A few #GiftWorkspace posts shared on social media (so far).

Other ways to find workspace access to gift.

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#GiftWorkspace - Gift-givers



What is #giftworkspace?

#GiftWorkspace is a global campaign to help loved ones, colleagues, friends, managers and more give access to beautiful workspaces as gifts.

During phase #1 we’re calling on workspaces, alliances, platforms, brokers and flex-workspace enthusiasts to register. 

Phase #2 will include global and local social media campaigns, coordinated between all collaborators.

What will go on

Right now, this page. 

In Phase 2: we’ll begin listing all the workspaces, platforms, and brokers who are taking part and offering giftable memberships, passes or access to workspaces.

Workspace operators or booking platforms? Get involved today!

How WILL WORKSPACES know who will be coming in?

We recommend using the same policies, planning and technology you use for selling and managing your day passes of flexible drop-in memberships.

If you’re not using any technology for managing memberships yet, we’d recommend checking out the platforms who also integrate with Syncaroo, so you can automatically keep a growing number of marketing and sales channels.

What about Covid and health & safety?

In order to register for participating, all workspaces need to confirm that they’ve implemented and are following a policy (under guidance of their local authorities or globally accepted experts) with regards to providing clean and safe workspaces for their members and tenants.

Booking platforms also need to confirm that they have a publicly accessible guidance and guidance that participating spaces will be held accountable to. 

Where/who is the point of sale?

Great question! Short answer: Wherever you prefer to sell through.

Bundles, packages or passes offered as part of #GiftWorkspace campaigns can be sold through workspaces’ websites, Venmo, Paypal, management platforms, email, booking platforms or a combination of these. All gift purchases are made outside of Syncaroo.

Syncaroo provides the technology to sync bundles and prices between a growing number of management systems and sales/marketing channels. 

Syncaroo is not a workspace booking platform, but if you are looking for suggestions we’d recommend checking out the platforms who can receive automatic pricing and data updates via Syncaroo.

What % of the purchases go to the workspace?

100% of #GiftWorkspace passes sold directly, then 100% of the sales go to the workspace.

Passes solve via any platform, or use any payment processors, may incur fees associated with those.

There are no fees to participate as a workspace provider or booking platform in any #GiftWorkspace campaigns.

Syncaroo does not provide handling of workspace gift vouchers, but we’re happy to make suggestions either via our growing list of integrated platforms or via email.

How are vouchers/gifts handled and sent out?

Once again, this comes down to the workspaces’ preferred method for handling gift purchases. 

As part of the #GiftWorkspace campaigns, we’ll be sharing some pro-tips, suggested copy and some platforms that workspaces could use to handle all the selling/sending/tracking of gift vouchers.

Workspaces are invited to join the global campaign here.

Do we need to be a syncaroo-connected to participate?

This campaign is designed with two main objectives. To:

1. normalize the idea of giving workspaces access as gifts, and, to

2. help more people discover and try out local and flexible workspaces. 

All workspaces, including those using Syncaroo data-syncing and those who love to copy-paste manually across all their listings, are invited to participate in #GiftWorkspace campaigns.