Google review widgets for your flex workspace website & landing pages.

Introducing a new auto-updating widget to help you show off your flex space's best Google reviews.

Word of mouth. FOMO. Social proof.

Just some of the excellent reasons that flexible workspaces work so hard on getting and sharing great Google Maps reviews.

These reviews affect ratings & rankings on Google Maps and search results, but what about showing off those hard-earned reviews on any other webpage or landing page?

Introducing a new auto-updating web widget: Google Reviews.

Flex workspaces already leveraging Syncaroo can use Website Widgets to promote availability (current and future) or a location’s opening hours onto any website with copy-paste snippets.

Operators can also sync changes made within an integrated Workspace Management System to their Google Business Profiles.

The newest widget connects these two integrations, allowing workspace operators and marketeers to  also generate auto-updating widgets that contain and promote reviews from their Google profiles.

How to generate your own auto-updating Google review widgets.

Step 1 is to connect your management system to your Google Business Profile account. 

Already got a Syncaroo account? Login and click ‘Connect’ under Google Business Profiles.
Not got a Syncaroo account yet? Start by connecting your workspace management system here.

Step 2 is to enable reviews on any mapped Google Business Profiles.

Step 3 is to add or edit the Website Widgets automation.

Here you’ll see a new ‘View’ type for widgets called ‘Reviews’.

Pick the location, choose the view, and click “Save and Get Code”.

You can now use this code to share your reviews on any of your websites, landing pages, or partners’ websites.

Some widget usage ideas:

☕️ Listing your meeting rooms (and now reviews) on the websites of partner coffee shops.

📦 Listing hotdesks availability and pricing (and now reviews) on landing pages for residential realtors to welcome newcomers to your local area.

🗺 Asking your local coworking alliance to let you easily add availability and hours (and yes, now reviews) widgets to their listings of your workspace.

We can’t wait to see the creative ways you’ll use this widget.

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