How to avoid double-bookings of hot desks & meeting rooms

Nothing ruins a new customer's experience more than being told they've been double-booked, especially after they've already paid and confirmed.

Way too much time is being spent triple-checking incoming requests to avoid double-bookings.

Almost every aggregator, meeting booker, broker and booking app has their own way of notifying workspace operators about requests and successful bookings.

Even if every platform has a beautifully designed app, email sequence or notification system, the workspace team would still need to do some of the following for every single booking request:

All this time and effort could be saved by automating these workflows, and that’s where Syncaroo’s newest tech comes in.

Introducing two-way syncs for flex space bookings.

For months we’ve been working alongside developers, brokers and workspace operators from across the industry on an upgrade to enable ‘two-way syncing’.

The first few upgraded two-way automations are in final testing, and we can’t wait to share those upgrade announcements with you soon!

These automations will not only confirm latest availability & pricing before processing a request – but also block out confirmed bookings to avoid simultaneous double-bookings from different apps and then sync across the request details.

This means that Syncaroo-integrated platforms will automatically:

And that operators would just need to:

So the question then becomes, what will you do for your business with all this saved time?

Ready to get started?

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