A simple framework for streamlining your flex space business

A simple framework, and two tips, for streamlining your flex space business.

No business is built the same, and the same can be said for their culture, marketing strategy, operations and tech stacks. 

Since introducing Syncaroo Advantage audits and playbooks, I’ve had the pleasure of working with growing operators on mapping how they work across people and technology in order to help them plan and become more streamlined businesses. 

In this post, I’d like to share a simple framework (and two tips) for how you can quickly think about and prepare to streamline your workspace business.

Simple Framework: who, where, what, and how.

The framework is actually quite simple. 

For each task take note of the following:

These building blocks will help you plan how best to approach automation and streamlining any task.

Getting started with using this framework.

1. Prioritize user journeys.

User journeys are usually processes that take a specific person from one state to another.

An example is “taking a lead from your website through to becoming a paying office customer“.

You can find your user journeys from either an operational level, or by asking specific team members to share their most laborious repetitive tasks. 

Once you have a list of your 10 most important user journeys, use the framework above to explore for bottlenecks, issues, duplicate (or trapped) data, or other inefficiencies.

As an example, I’ll apply the framework above to our example of converting a new lead, you get something like this:

2. Remove steps and duplicated info.

You can now explore how to remove steps and deduplicate information so you can become more streamlined and more data-driven as a business. 

Following the example above you could explore the following:

Each step that’s automated, and the data-set that’s streamlined, the more efficient your business becomes.

Like any great investment, the time and resources saved per task compound exponentially over time.

Want to move quicker?

Of course, this takes time to do well and we know many teams that run space are already busy enough.

However, if you’d like expert guidance and would like to move even faster we’d recommend checking out the availability of Syncaroo Advantage in your region.

Reach out here if you have any questions.

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