Connect Nexudus to Syncaroo

You're minutes away from singing bye bye by to manually keeping listings in-sync

Step 1. Login to your Syncaroo Account and click the big + button to get started.

Step 2. Select Nexudus in the dropdown and you'll be given a link to the page you're reading now.

Or go to Settings -> Addons in your Nexudus admin. 

Step 4. Run the v2.0 application

You’ll be asked to approve the connection and be redirected to back into Syncaroo.

Step 5. When you've added your locations, click 'Add Connection' inside Syncaroo.

Step 6. Syncaroo will begin preparing your account for connecting to Automations.

Step 7. Once your account is synced, we'll ask you for any missing information to improve syncing.

Ready for Automations: Your account is ready for connecting and automation through Syncaroo