Connect Syncaroo to

You're minutes away from singing bye bye bye to manually keeping listings in-sync.

Step 2. Add a data-source.

If you haven’t already.
Click here to learn how to do that. 

Step 3. Click the + sign under Integrations

Step 4. Select 'Women Who Cowork'

Step 5. Authorize the connection

Step 6. Map your workspace locations

This connects workspaces in your data-source to your workspace listings on

Step 7. Save the map

What data does Syncaroo access?

Syncaroo is designed to help you keep your marketing, broker and aggregator listings up to date.

We only ever sync data about bookable assets, and their availability. 

You can take a look at our data outline here.

What’s the difference between StatusSync and Full Syncaroo?

StatusSync is a free version of our platform released in response to COVID-19 and the uncertainty that surrounds the re-opening of shared and flexible workspaces around the world.

Whilst StatusSync will keep your workspace’s overall open/closed/limited status in-sync, Full Syncaroo will automatically update all your bookable data, availability and media.