Increase sales & reduce manual work with v2 of OfficeRnD automations

From today, OfficeRnD-powered flexible workspaces can automate even more of their marketing & sales processes with v2 of Syncaroo.

If you thought Syncaroo was just a channel manager for auto-updating marketplace & booking app listings, we’ve got a big surprise for flex workspaces using OfficeRnD’s property management system.

Quick backstory.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, we have been working with numerous workspaces and offices to help them solve many of their most time consuming and difficult challenges.

As you can imagine, most community managers, staff, and leadership at workspaces have too much to do already. Please call me if you don’t agree! 

This often leads to many not so good things:

As a result, we have always sought out new ways to streamline your day while enabling new ways of selling and marketing across platforms without leaving more work for you or your team to do.

Now let's get to it!

Quick (geeky) but super-important note.

v2 of Syncaroo integrations allow you to keep the below lead-generators automatically updated with even more information including live-availability, pricing, optional extras, and more.

A note about Bookings!

With the above information, all of your internal and external sales / marketing platforms and partners can help you sell better with richer and up to date information. 

Whether it is having the right prices live immediately, having the correct availability, or knowing about additional services or extras that can be offered, the financial impact on your flex workspace can be quite substantial. 

Even better: If you are using any external marketplaces or services to fill your meeting rooms, offices and workspaces – with version 2 any booking will be pre-checked to make sure no double-bookings occur and then you are notified in OfficeRnd with all the booking details.


Syncaroo's automations for OfficeRnD customers.


We know websites are critical for lead-generation and conversions, and this widget brings the Syncaroo syncing where you need it most.

Simple Setup: Copy-paste a short snippet onto your website or any web page, and Syncaroo will keep that widget up to date with the right information whenever a potential customer visits that page. 


Do you work with brokers today or would you like to? 

Our new broker automation will enable you to give your approved brokers on-demand access to your latest availability and pricing.

All without extra emails, pdfs, or time.


Each month there are new alliances launching around the globe. 

Alliances bring many benefits to all their members and the communities that they operate within. 

With this integration, your alliance network and their participating space map listings are kept up to date. 

Marketplaces & Booking Apps

You might have already seen that we want to help you connect to every marketing or sales channel or marketplace that you need or want to use.

In the past, we heard that many people didn’t even try to work with other platforms because it just took too much effort and overhead to get set up and then manage listings. 

This resulted and still results in either outdated information everywhere or spaces missing potential leads and sales.

We are continuing to fix this.

New sales and marketing channels are being added each month to help fill your space and build a growing list of leads.

Ready to automate more of your sales & marketing processes?

For those of you currently on v1, it takes a quick call to make the change needed on your end. We handle the rest! So contact us via the chat in your Syncaroo account to get that started.

If you’re not signed up for Syncaroo access yet, request access to the beta today. 

🤫 To celebrate the launch of v2 of this integration OfficeRnD customers will get automatic Q-jumps to the front of the waitlist until July. 

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