Making it easier to manage flex space automations.

The Syncaroo dashboard has been updated to help workspaces manage their partner and platform automations more efficiently.

We believe it should be as easy as possible to setup & maintain flex workspace automations.

Our tech team have been working hard to make using Syncaroo as simple as possible to use so that workspace operators can maintain a whole bunch of flex workspace automations that help them boost both, reach and revenues.

The updated Syncaroo dashboard is another step in that direction – designed to help workspace operators save huge chunks of their workday and then, most importantly, get out of the way.

This new dashboard is very much still in active development, but we do believe it highlights the shift towards a world where more and more of your Operational Stack stays in-sync in the background, enabling you to give even more tenants and their guests unbelievably-seamless experiences, regardless of where, or through whom, they booked or joined your workspace.

As always, changes at/in/with/around Syncaroo are guided heavily by the guidance, feedback and requests we receive from our Private Beta customers and platform partners, so please… do let us know what you think via chat, or an email to any Syncaroo team member.

Already using Syncaroo? You should see the new dashboard the next time you log into the app.

Not automating with Syncaroo yet? Grab your spot on the waiting list for the private beta here.

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