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The big questions.

By far, the most frequent questions we get are:

what can we connect to Syncaroo?

what about integrating with <platform X>?” 


have you started working on syncing with <platform Y>?

This means that more and more workspace operators understand why they need the products and services they use to ‘talk to each other’ so that they can focus on other, more human-critical, tasks.

An interactive answer.

As the number of integrated systems and Syncaroo features grows, we wanted to give you an easy way to get answers. 

So we decided to make our whole feature & integration development roadmap open to the public. 

This means major upcoming features, integrations or upgrades being considered, planned, developed, supported or tested will be in one place for you to explore. 

Your say counts.

What gets added, and prioritized, comes down to you.

Upcoming roadmap items allow you to share how important that specific integration or feature is for your business. This goes directly to our dev team, helping them prioritize what to build next.

If you don’t see a platform/service you ❤️ or need for running your flex workspace business, just let us know, as it may already be on our backlog or be the next item added to the roadmap.

Pro-tip: You can also request notifications about specific launches and changes.

Exploring the Roadmap like a pro.

There are a substantial and evergrowing list of platforms or services one could potentially use, and want to connect, to market, fill and run a flexible workspace.

Given that our goal is to help you automate workflows across “everything that’s important for your workspace”, our roadmap will also get increasingly large.

As a result, we have added a number of filters to help you stay on top of current and upcoming automations important for your organization.

'Organizational Stack' Layers

In order to build an infrastructure that is truly robust, scalable and increasingly integrable, we needed to take a very holistic view of what platforms & services are being used to boost reach and revenues for flex workspaces today, and are being developed for entirely new market segments.

During this exploration, we developed an onion-graph of solutions, which allowed us to efficiently map functions, number of options, and the quantity of reachable people – all in one diagram.

Internally, we call this the ‘Organizational Stack‘, and here’s what the layers look like:


Building a robust integration between two systems can often require some back and forth between the humans at different countries, possibly on different timezones, and with different organizational objectives.

We’ve tagged each roadmap item (even our own internal modules or features) with a Status, giving you the ability to filter down what’s available, in development, planned, or under consideration

When requests for new features, integrations or upgrades are made, they’re added to our private backlog, and once reviewed will be added to the public roadmap under the right status. 


The earliest versions of Syncaroo synced data between just two different kinds of platforms.

As we add even more ways for workspaces to automate their tedious manual workflows, the types of ‘things’ that could be connected to Syncaroo grows too. 

That’s where ‘Types’ comes in.

This filter lets you dive deeper into Property Management Systems, Booking Platforms, Alliance Maps, Dynamic Widgets, Broker Tools, Search Engines and more coming soon.

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