Making syncing and automations affordable for all flex workspaces

We knew we had to make Syncaroo's pricing accessible, sustainable and simple so that all flex workspaces could afford automations.

How much does Syncaroo cost?

The second most frequent group of questions we get from workspace operators is, understandably, around pricing.

ICYMI, the most most frequent questions are about integrations.

During our private beta we’ve worked on a variety of different pricing models, often asking workspace operators from all around the world for critical feedback. 

We took on all that advice and feedback when designing a pricing model that checked our three mandatory criteria:

And today, we’re excited to share Syncaroo’s accessible, sustainable and simple new pricing for flex workspace automations.

We’ll be operating a free-to-start model, giving all Syncaroo accounts 2 Automations to get a feel for just how powerful automating workflows will be. 

The paid plan is $20 p/month and comes with 10 Automations, with additional Automations available from just $2 p/month.

A few quick notes about pricing.

For folks who’ve been a part of the conversation from the beginning, or joined in with the latest cohort of beta testers, here’s a few notes you may have missed. All paying customers will be switched to a free or paid tier depending on the number of automations you’re leveraging.

A free tier.

We’ve always wanted as many workspaces as possible to benefit from powerful automations. So we’re introducing a  free plan, that comes with up to 2 fully-functioning Syncaroo automations.

Simple pricing.

There’s one paid plan, other than the custom pricing available for large orgs that require or would like enterprise-level support.

The paid plan costs $20 (USD) per month, and comes with 10 Syncaroo automations.

Add as many Automations as you need.

Should your workspace, or workspaces, want to leverage more than 10 Syncaroo Automations, you can add as many as you need from just $2 p/month each.

What is a Syncaroo 'Automation'?

There’s a great answer to this in our Pricing FAQ, but allow us to elaborate with a couple of quick examples so that you can see how simple, predictable, and affordable this pricing model is designed to be.

Example 1: Let’s say you have 1 workspace location.

You then want to use an auto-updating website widget, auto-update your favorite brokers and automate two-way syncing of updates and bookings with a platform like, say, Upflex.

As you’d be connecting 1 location to 3 systems – this counts as 3 Syncaroo Automations.

So you could either upgrade to the paid plan for $20 p/month (using 3 of your 10 available Automations) or stay on the free tier, by inviting just one fellow workspace who begins automating their workflows through Syncaroo (using your 2 available Automations, and 1 of your additional Automations).

Example 2: Now, let’s say you actually have 2 workspace locations.

And you want to connect the same 3 systems.

This brings your total Syncaroo Automation count to 6.

Making your monthly price just $20 per month, with at least 4 other Automations still available for you to leverage. 

🤫 You may even have even more available Automations if you’re early into the invite program (coming soon) and are  the one who invites your favorite industry colleagues to increase their reach and revenues through Syncaroo.

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