Get more flex space tasks done with Assistant

Meet your flex space team's new best friend.

Since Syncaroo started, our focus has been on making flex workspaces more successful by automating manual tasks so that workspace teams can do more with their limited time.

As you may already know, our tech currently keeps inventory, availability, bookings, CRM information and physical mail accounts in-sync. And we are only getting started.

But what about everything else?

Every month, there are more apps, platforms, and technology being launched. The list of useful technology focused on everything from productivity, marketing and sales, to security and everything in between just keeps on growing.

What tools do you use?

In order to best support the industry and spaces that we work with, we knew we needed to also build tools to improve tasks and processes across all existing and new platforms or apps that we haven’t been able to fully integrate with (yet).

Meet Syncaroo Assistant

As a result, today we are excited to announce Syncaroo Assistant, a tool built for and with flex space teams to make them even more efficient everywhere. 

Now you can securely bring auto-updating data and solutions anywhere you need it. 

Whether you’re checking booking platform information, creating proposals, launching new locations, crafting emails, building webpages, and much more, Assistant is here to help.

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