More control of how your flex space data gets synced.

Helping flex workspaces streamline their tasks across apps, without giving up control of how resources get shared with specific platforms.

We’ve always put workspace operators in the driving seat when it comes to who they connect their property management systems to through Syncaroo.

Today, workspace operators will see a new user experience when adding a new syncing integration, or editing an existing one.

This flow allows for full control over what resources are made available to each connected platform for displaying, auto-syncronization of data, and two-way syncing of bookings.

These controls are compatible with Grouping and Availability Counts, and can be tweaked as your locations’ partnerships, situations, and business strategies change and adapt to the new world of work.

Overview of Syncing Rules.

The first thing you’ll notice when you connect a location in your property management system to one in the booking/marketing platform, is that your bookable resources are now grouped by type. This gives you quick access to the specific resources you want to manage for this automation.

If you’re using Grouping, you’ll be given the option to name your group of these resources.

Then for each resource or group you’ll be able to choose between ‘Sync’, ‘Don’t Sync’ and ‘Create New’. 

Here’s what each of those mean:

In-sync, with you in control.

Once set, Syncaroo’s magic begins happening behind the scenes. 

Synced and New resources are kept in-sync with changes made within your management systems. 

Booking requests are checked against conflicts in availability and more. Only if all checks pass, bookings are then synced back into your management system, reserving booked resources and giving your team granular oversight into who’s booking what, when and via where.

Ofcourse, if changes need to be made for any reason, you can always log back in and tweak your syncing rules. 

For the most part, after the initial setup of each integration, Syncaroo handles the boring parts of each update and booking, and stays out of your way.

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