How andcards added a multi-platform integration in just 11 days

In just 11 days, Syncaroo helped andcards activate a multi-platform integration to open up new opportunities and task automations for workspace operators.

Today we introduce Syncaroo to andcards-powered flex workspaces.

With a single integration, these flex space operators can now access a growing set of tools and automations to help boost their reach and revenues. 

I’m excited to welcome Syncaroo into the andcards ecosystem. For our customers, the integration has a potential to save time and create more opportunities to offer rooms and desks externally.

If you’ve got dozens of meeting rooms and hundreds of desks, recreating them manually on multiple booking platforms is a tedious journey. The Syncaroo-andcards integration reduces that to a handful of taps.

Busy operators can now easily connect their andcards accounts and data to dynamic web widgets,  enable syncing of listings and bookings with aggregators, and even streamline how they work with boutique flex brokers.

The andcards development team can also keep their focus on core competencies of building and improving the tech to improve their customers’ businesses & communities – without having to dedicate development time to build and then maintain numerous individual marketing, lead-gen, and sales integrations.

For anyone following our blog and roadmap, these benefits for operators and platform developers may already be known to you. 

However, there’s one thing that makes today’s announcement extra special:

The whole integration was planned, built, and launched into the private beta in under 11 days.

Building a multi-platform integration in 11 days.

14 March - Integration development began.

After a discussion of the benefits for andcards customers (including live-syncing to brokers, widgets, and aggregators) and a quick run over the API with the andcards team, the Syncaroo development team began building the integration. 

A few best-practice suggestions were also quickly implemented by the andcards team to increase the benefits of the integration for coworking & flex space operators.

25 March - Integration development deployed into Private Beta.

Pending rapid development and after internal testing, the integration was added into the live data-syncing infrastructure. 

Officially this is the moment where operators in the Private Beta could begin connecting their andcards accounts to their Google Business Profiles, their brokers, website widgets, and aggregators like Upflex, Flow, and CloudVO.

28 March - andcards onboarding begins.

The first operators using andcards are being invited into Syncaroo to begin automating parts of their marketing, lead generation, and sales tasks.

Spaces within Ukraine are automatically upgraded to Grow tier and can begin syncing to any/all the profiles created during the #withinUkraine campaign.

Fast. Manageable. Scalable. Sustainable

It is a pleasure to cooperate with the Syncaroo team: they’re fast and professional. I have no doubt the integration will continue to expand with time, bringing even more value to coworking space operators.

integration to manage

The engineering teams at andcards have just one integration to manage, maintain and iterate on.

workflow automations
0 +

Syncaroo’s continuously adding new Automations to help streamline multi-platform workflows and automate as many manual tasks as possible.

days to implement

The future of PropTech is all about speed and sustainability. This is the fastest a Syncaroo integration has been developed, so far. 

Work has already begun on making integrating into the Syncaroo network even faster.

The Summary.

The busy engineering team at andcards was able to give their platforms’ customers a growing set of integrations in mere days.

We’re excited about what this means for our interconnected ecosystem and the operators and members of workspaces who get to plugin into it.

andcards-powered spaces can get onboarding instructions from their favorite andcards team member.

Get Integrated.

Workspace and inventory management platforms who’d like to learn more about integrating with Syncaroo can request more information here.

Aggregators, brokers, marketing and booking platforms can also request more info about our Unified API here.

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