Take the lead-generation survey for 2022 (so far)

Take the survey and share where your best flex workspace leads came from in 2022 (so far).

Back in Q1 2021, we polled various operators on where their converting members came from.

The results were interesting and are often quoted in discussions and newsletters.

Recently readers of the ThisWeekInCoworking newsletter asked if we’d be able to run a new poll to see how, if, and where the data has changed.

So if you’re running a flex space, and have some form of tracking on where your customers came from, please submit the following form before Sept 30th, 2022.

Lead Gen Survey

Where is your HQ?

Your 2022 Numbers (so far)

Use these fields to share the percentage of converting leads (ie requests that became revenue-generating customers) this year.


Additional Info

Numbers provided are:

Do you wish that tracking and extracting this kind of data was a lot easier?

We get it!

A lot of management systems now include business intelligence tools, modules, or integrations.

But even then, getting the right data in (and out) can be tedious and error-prone.

At Syncaroo we help operators bring in, sync out and enrich their flex workspace data. Learn more here.

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