NFT-enabled access app Flow adds live-inventory for flex spaces

Flow is building a platform to enable frictionless access to places, spaces, and experiences. Now they're leveling up their solution by partnering with Syncaroo to help flex space operators sync up their data to streamline booking and check-in processes.

From today, operators partnered with Flow can connect their Syncaroo account to the NFT-enabled on-demand access platform.

What is Flow?

We did a deep dive Q&A a little while ago with Mark Smukler about his vision of changing the way people discover and access the places around them.

In the video below, Flow shares their vision for a perfect, flexible day for enriched, inspired, and productive individuals in the (not-so-distant) future.

But great experiences need reliable, fresh data.

Individuals are buying-in to the Flow mission, with thousands already registered and seeking spaces to work, train, rest or play.

As Flow’s membership grows, so do utilization and demand. Especially if the experience is superb, each and every time.

This growth could have quickly become a double-edged sword for participating workspace operators, with data and availability either quickly becoming outdated or becoming increasingly overwhelming to keep in sync with other systems.

Today Flow’s Syncaroo integration becomes available, giving flex spaces powered by Nexudus, OfficeRnD, Cobot, Deskworks and andcards a powerful set-and-forget tool to keep data and bookings in-sync, automatically. 

“When building Flow, we’ve always known that the experience has to be frictionless for both users and operators. The reason we’ve never accommodated “bookings” is because we couldn’t do it well without a direct integration with the operator’s back-end systems and if we couldn’t do it well, we didn’t want to do it at all.

Today marks an important milestone in our technology stack that allows us to promote real-time availability in a more accurate and streamlined way than ever before while also giving us the ability to offer meeting room bookings, which is a priority focus for many of our partners.”

What does this mean for Flow partners?

You choose what to sync.

As an operator, you’re always in full control over which resources are synced and available via Flow. 

Share access to all your hotdesks, just some meeting rooms, or every single thing that can be booked on-demand or by the day. 

Once set up, changes in your management system to those resources’ details, media, and most importantly, availability will be synced to Flow for you.

Flow checks and avoids clashes.

Before any bookings for your synced resources are confirmed, Flow will double-check and make sure that they are still bookable and available. 

Avoiding overcrowding.
Avoiding double-bookings. 

Booking data is synced over to you.

Flow brings their booking back into your management system, so your front-of-house and team know who’s coming in and when.

Knowing who will be coming into a workspace is critical for operating a flex space. Running this data through your Business Intelligence tools over time provides insights into how best to improve your offerings.

Faster bookings, without reservations.

Flow removed a whole bunch of clicks for each booking by leveraging reservation-free grouping.

Grouped resources still enjoy the same capacity double-checks as individually synced resources, with one of the desks or resources being blocked for the reservation automatically.

Not registered as a space on Flow yet?

Want to get involved with an app exploring whole new ways to bring recurring drop-in business to great workspaces? Complete the application form here and the Flow team will send you instructions for connecting your management system to Flow.

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