PilotoMail bringing secure two-way sync to Nexudus via Syncaroo

The new integration introduces secure syncing of mail accounts and service charges for Nexudus-powered spaces.

ICYMI, we’re big big fans of helping flex workspace operators connect all the apps and services they use to run their businesses.

Through our work helping operators large and small to audit, streamline, and automate repetitive processes, we’re always looking at what operational pains or challenges can be fixed with well-built integrations and thoughtful automation.

A huge pain point for many operators is with setting up, continuously managing, and staying compliant with their mailrooms.

So when we started talking to Sofia Stolberg and the team from PilotoMail about their integration strategy (both on-stage and off) we knew we’d be working together soon to help streamline how operators automated their virtual mailrooms.

Today, we get to share a sneak-peek at the first part of our collaboration, secure two-way syncing with PilotoMail for Nexudus-powered spaces.

The integration is in active development and will go into pilot testing in December.

Already using both PilotoMail and Nexudus? Let us know to get early access.

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