14 key takeaways from the tech panel at GWA FlexForward

Syncaroo co-founder Hector Kolonas led a discussion with 4 other workspace tech product leaders about our industry's past, present, and future. Here's the crib notes.

This is the short & sweet summary of the tech panel at the Global Workspace Association’s FlexForward conference in Texas last week.

For a longer, more in-depth (but still sweet) summary, check my personal blog here.

The panel.

Who took part, what part of the Ops Stack they’re involved with and where they are involved with product.

Picture of Ginger Dhaliwal

Ginger Dhaliwal

Auxiliary Revenue (Corp. coworking)

Picture of Sofia Stolberg

Sofia Stolberg

Auxiliary Revenue (Mail & VO)

Picture of Miro Miroslavov

Miro Miroslavov

Workspace Management

Picture of Brian Sutherland

Brian Sutherland

Workspace Management

Picture of Hector Kolonas

Hector Kolonas

(Data Synchronicity)


Key Takeaways.

Whilst there were so many insights and actionable tips shared during the panel, here’s just a few that we felt are worth noting again.

Notable Quotes.

The whole panel was superb, and we wish we could just share it in its entirety, to be honest.

But here are a few snippets we thought were quote-worthy.


Partially because the photographers did an amazing job capturing the discussion, but mostly because it’s almost impossible to believe that there were close to 40 years of proptech experience (with a focus on workspace tech) being leveraged and shared.

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