Powerful new features added to Flex Workspace Web Widgets.

v1.5 of Syncaroo Website Widgets brings flex space operators and marketeers even more control and customizations.

There are many ways and channels for workspace operators and landlords to distribute and promote their flex space availability online. 

One of these methods is through websites (your own and those of partners’) which continues to be a critical point of flex space contact and discovery.

We’ve just added more powerful features into our auto-updating Website Widgets for flex workspace operators.

Alongside the updates and new integrations we’re working on, we believe that the newest upgrade of our Website Widgets will play an important part of how operators can ensure that their constantly-changing availability and key workspace details are being updated wherever customers, partners or representatives go looking for them.

The Basics

What are Website Widgets?

Syncaroo Website Widgets are a tool for flex workspaces to publicly display automatically-updated location, inventory, rates, capacity, and operating hours details within websites.

What types of websites can Website Widgets be used on/in?

If you’re unsure if Website Widgets are compatible with your website, please do reach out, and we’ll let you know.

Can I restrict what details are shown in Widgets?


We know that different workspaces might want to display certain details that others might want to hide. With this upgrade of our Website Widgets tool, you are now able to control what type of inventory is shown, whether rates are public, what filters are available, and even whether or not you want to display inventory that is available now or in the near future – on a widget-by-widget basis.

You’re in full control, even more so with today’s upgrades. 👇

What's New?



A full-page widget meant to be used within a page. This widget offers the most customizations, and can display more details and availability. 


This smaller widget can fit within a page, footer, sidebar, and more. This view  automatically updates to show your latests days of the week and hours of operation. Prevent those situations where potential customer tries to book a tour or meeting room (or you know… just shows up) when nobody’s around because they saw outdated operating hours somewhere online.

2. Available Now & Available Soon distinctions.

You may want to make upcoming inventory available early so there are less gaps in occupancy. These distinctions allow for empty or soon to be empty spaces to attract interest and be filled faster though your site, or via specific partners’ websites.

3. More control on what to show/hide.

Hiding location details so widgets blend in more seamlessly.

The page view of Website Widgets traditionally had location details included in the display. This meant it always showed the workspace name, address and operating hours. In today’s update the name and details can be hidden, making widgets blend more seamlessly into the design and layout of your web pages.

Choose what type(s) of inventory to to show.

Would you only like to show specific types on available inventory on a page? Now you can!

For each widget you can choose whether to show or hide Offices, Meeting Rooms, Dedicated Desks, Hot Desks or Virtual Offices. 

4. New powerful filters.

Widgets showing inventory now allow your potential customers to filter what’s available by both/either Team Size and the Type of resource.

Getting started.

Adding auto-updating widgets into your Operational Stack is a powerful way to automate a whole bunch of tedious sales and marketing workflows.

You can create 10 customized widgets for use around your site and the internet for each location you connect to the Website Widgets Automation within Syncaroo.

Already got Syncaroo beta access? 
v1.5 of the Website Widgets automation is now live via your new dashboard.

Not in the Syncaroo Private Beta yet?
Join the waiting list here, we’re onboarding new spaces from around the world as quickly as we can. 

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