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affordable time-saving Syncing

Time can be better spent.

We understand that your team’s time is one of the most expensive resources for workspace business.

So we’ve developed Syncaroo to save huge amounts of time, and priced it at a fraction of what that saved time would cost.

Status Sync

  • Sync Your C-19 Status
  • Unlimited Platforms
  • Bi-Hourly Syncing

Data Sync

$ 29
per space
per month
  • Sync Desks, Offices & Pricing
  • Unlimited Platforms
  • Automatic Syncing


Most frequent questions and answers

What counts as a 'space'?

We define a space as 'a physical location that contains any number of bookable assets (desks, offices, rooms and amenities) within it.'

What this simply means, is that if you run two workspaces in different buildings, that'd be 2 'spaces'.

is there a minimum contract length?

On StatusSync and Syncaroo Solo the packages run month-to-month on a pre-paid basis.

is there a free trial?

Whilst there isn't a free-trial, there is a free plan for syncing your COVID-19 or workspace status to participating platforms.

This should give you a good feel for the ease of use of our platform, and get a feel for just how much time the full platform will save you and your team.

What platforms are already integrated?

During private and public beta we'll be adding new integrations as testing occurs.

To get a glimpse into what's already integrated and what's coming next, keep an eye on the How To Connect guides.


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