Syncaroo Pricing

The ultra-affordable automation suite for your flex workspace.

Time can be better spent.

Your team’s time is one of your most expensive resources.

So we’ve developed Syncaroo to save huge amounts of time, and priced it to be ultra-affordable to automate all the things.


$ 0
  • 2 Syncaroo automations


$ 20
per month
  • 10 Syncaroo automations
  • Add extra automations from $2 each per month


Contact us for pricing
  • 100+ Syncaroo automations
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Bespoke Customizations


Frequently asked questions, and their answers.

What can be automated via syncaroo?

Syncaroo automates the flow of data between a growing number of technologies and services providers to help flex workspace boost their reach and revenues.

From auto-updating website widgets, to an email-free way to securely share availability with select real estate brokers, to two-way syncing with booking platforms and aggregators, to auto-updating your Google My Business profiles and more... we're constantly adding new ways to automate the most tedious tasks for flex workspace teams around the globe.

What counts as an 'automation'?

Syncaroo automates workflows between different systems.

An automation is a connection between a location and an external system.

For example, if you connect 1 location to 2 systems that counts as 2 automations.

Or, if you connect 2 locations to the same system, then that counts as 2 automations too.

If however you added 1 location to 3 systems, that'd count as 3 automations.

is there a free trial?

Yeap, sign up today and get 2 free Syncaroo automations.

Can I get more free automations?

Very soon! By inviting fellow workspace operators, you can get up to 3 free additional Syncaroo automations added to your account.

You'll get a free automation per account you invite, as soon as they set up their first automation.

What happens if I want more than 10 automations?

When you upgrade to our paid plan, you get up to 10 Syncaroo automations + any free automations you have or get from inviting friends.

After those, you can add as many extra automations as you need, from just $2 per Automation per month.

And over 100 automations?

If you're looking for 100+ automations, we'd suggest chatting with our team so we can arrange bespoke pricing that may scale better for your organization.


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