Satellite Deskworks adds marketing & sales automations via Syncaroo

From today, workspaces using Satellite Deskworks can start automating some of their most tedious marketing & sales workflows.

Satellite Deskworks offers management software that’s designed to help build more profitable and sustainable flex workspaces.

A big part of both profitability and sustainability is ensuring that it’s ultra-efficient to get updated information into as many of the platforms, channels and services, connecting as many potential members to your available inventory or offerings as possible. 

To help streamline these updates, Satellite Deskworks have just completed their first Syncaroo integration.

What does this mean for Satellite Deskworks customers?

In short, Deskworks-powered spaces can now connect their locations to Syncaroo, and start automating updates between marketing, lead-generation and sales platforms and services.

Whilst we’re working hard on a whole bunch of integrations across the whole Operational Stack for flex workspace, here’s what Deskworks customer can start automating today:

And we're just getting started.

Both the Deskworks and Syncaroo teams are excited about automating even more workflows to help workspaces increase their reach and profitability.

This first version of the Deskworks integration focusses on updating external platforms, but we’re already working on v2 that will add two-way syncing to help avoid double-bookings and improve even more operational workflows. 

How to start automating your sales & marketing workflows.

Syncaroo is still in private beta, meaning that workspaces can join the waitlist here, and are invited to get started as slots open up.

The next 50 Deskworks customers to join the waitlist, will get bumped to the front of the line, so register today.

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