Sharing the gift of local workspace.

What if the whole industry could promote the benefits of flexible workspace through gifting?

With a potential new vaccine on the horizon and millions working from home, we felt like it was the perfect opportunity to “give the gift of space”.

What has become common in restaurants, hotels, and many other service businesses, the voucher or gift card for a future use of a workspace, desk, office, etc hasn’t quite made it to our industry. 

Well, it exists but really isn’t used this way.

Why not? Booking a workspace as a gift for another likely never made since until working remote and working from home became a reality for so many this year.

Having had numerous conversations the past months, there are plenty of scenarios, when lockdowns aren’t in effect, that people need (or would prefer) to work outside of their house some of the time:

  1. Limited space or bandwidth at home.
  2. Family at home, and the often-distracting obligations.
  3. For a change of pace.
  4. Breaking creativity or writers’ blocks.
  5. Improving mental health by avoiding cabin fever.
  6. Avoiding loneliness by working amongst others.
  7. Increasing productivity.

Without debating that plenty of people do enjoy working at home, there still tend to be moments that many of us need or want somewhere different to work from.

💡 The idea...

By communicating a message of #GiftWorkspace, our industry can set the stage for 2021 and beyond. 

Access to flexible workspaces can be a thoughtful gift to anyone who may need to work outside of their home, would benefit from a community of people to engage with, or want to work near home some or all of the time.

Whether a gift for a loved one, yourself, or even all your employees, giving the gift of a day in a workspace, 5 days in a workspace, or even a month to try someplace new can be what we need and deserve. 

At the same time it also gives flexible workspaces, coworking spaces, serviced offices, and business centers a whole new way to attract new customers, community members, build relationships and ultimately generate revenue.

There are countless options for work and it is our responsibility to support people in working in a way that best fits their needs and helps in moments of support that they may not know they need.

Right now we’re building up a list of (and feedback from) interested folks from workspaces, alliances, management systems, and marketing platforms around the world.

Here’s how you can get involved and get all the templates, info and exposure:

Complete the form to receive some base templates, concepts for marketing, promos, and more to get started. 

Some workspaces might be able to work together while others will push this messaging on their own. 

Both are fine, and welcomed.

However, we’d recommend using the hashtag, #GiftWorkspace, so that we can align our industry toward one message that supports the growth of the entire industry.

Easy: Complete the form and let’s discuss how best you could support the first #GiftWorkspace campaign.

Pro: Add new methods to differentiate ‘giftable’ bundles – which can be displayed on workspaces’ public sites and be automatically distributed via Syncaroo to the marketing and sales platforms.

Easy: Complete the form and let’s chat.

Pro: Add new ways to display, feature, and promote the idea of holiday offers, deals, and ways of promoting that through your existing and future channels. 

Wondering how to get this data? Connect to the Syncaroo API and we’ll help get it to you, like magic.

And ofcourse, subscribe to our newsletter and get in touch with any ideas, concerns or questions.

✋ Join in...

Join us in launching and sharing #GiftWorkspace

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Of course there are a tremendous number of options or creative bundles that a workspace could offer, but the typical approach we are seeing is to offer 1 day, 5 day passes, or 10 passes.

Syncaroo currently syncs workspace availability between numerous management and marketing channels. 

As these adjustments are made, and this campaign matures, we pledge to continuously work with all parties to make sure that updates are being sent & received between participating and supporting platforms and networks.

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