State of Sync: Q3/22 Stakeholder Memo

This quarter we saw the total no. of sync events scream past the 5,000,000 milestone, security and speed improvements, a survey, a panel and a global consultant program.

Welcome to the State of Sync for Q3 2022

This quarter we saw another 1.5M sync events between integrated systems, surpassing our cumulative milestone of 5M events. 

Surpassing the milestone also comes after huge improvements to the network’s efficiency and scalability of the infrastructure, which counter-intuitively did reduce the number of sync events for larger multi-location operators. 

This quarter we also guided an IRL tech panel, started building a community of amazing flex space consultants, dug deeper into the ops stacks for growing operators, and improved both onboarding and the strength of your data firewall.

Let’s take a look.

Ecosystem Syncing Activity.

Starting with the internal numbers, we saw a 1,260% increase in the total number of sync events from this Q3 last year.

We did see a small dip in the quarterly sync event count, as we expected as a result of the planned efficiency improvements mentioned in last quarter’s memo.

This boost in efficiency was tested heavily as more brands joined the private beta, implementing data syncing for even more flex workspace locations of different sizes across various markets.

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The Lead-generation Survey.

We coordinated a global survey where flex workspace operators of all sizes shared where their converting leads were coming from.

The results were interesting, and highlight a few shifts in the market between our last survey back in Q1/2021.

The dominating sources are still owned and earned (organically-driven) sources like operator’s websites and direct referrals, which together accounted for 80% of the converting leads. 

We’re excited to see more operators leveraging our Website Widgets in creative ways to turn often-static landing pages and even partners’ web pages into always-up-to-date lead generators for their spaces.

Also highlighted was the increase in successful leads coming through aggregators & booking apps (up ~7x) and human brokers (up ~6x) over the same period. We’re excited to see this growth, as more new revenue/opportunity drivers launch or expand across the flex workspace industry.

"Behind the screens" tech panel.

This quarter we were invited to host and guide a conversation into the past, present, and future of workspace technology.

We learned a lot and summarized 14 key takeaways from 4 product leaders.

Spoiler alert: better integrations and the superpower of great data were prominently discussed.

Faster onboarding and the data firewall.

As part of the efficiency upgrades, Robert and the dev team further improved how multi-location workspaces can get set up to sync, regardless of whether they have 4 locations or 90.

With them came a whole raft of usability & security improvements, which culminated in our data firewall being introduced onto the platform. Within it, operators have further control over exactly which buildings, floors, resource types, or even specific resources any integrated system can see and engage with.

A global consultant program.

In July we made an open call to all consultants who help operators and landlords understand, implement, equip and run flex workspaces.

Since then we’ve had deep conversations with consultants across the world, who are working on fascinating projects and implementations for many leading brands and networks. We’re excited to be able to direct landlords & operators toward them for the great work they do. 

We are also extremely grateful to every consultant who is actively working with us to flesh out the program to better support even more operators and their ever-evolving operating stacks.

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