State of Sync: Q4/22 Stakeholder Memo

Some end-of-year numbers, two wide-reaching upgrades and more custom builds and bridges.

Q4 is always an interesting one for the flex industry.

In some markets, interest (ie searching and requesting info) goes up, but booking volume comes down. 

In other geographies, utilization jumps as people hop into flex spaces near (or to escape from) their homes over the holidays. 

But one thing that’s for certain this last quarter is that more and more operators put a focus on optimizing their tech and teams’ processes ahead of 2023. 

2022 end-of-year numbers.

Given that we’re nearing the end of the year, here are some interesting annual stats around the state of synchronicity across the growing proptech ecosystem.

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Approaching 10,000,000 sync events

Even with vast improvements to our efficiency of session and error handling this quarter, the total number of events synced across the ecosystem passed 7, 086,722 this quarter.

Y-o-Y growth in sync events

2022 has seen even more data moving across our infrastructure with a total of almost 6.4M sync events.

That’s a 9.3x year-on-year bump from 2021’s 687k.

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Sync events compared to Q4 2021

This quarter we saw around 1.4M events synced, triggered, and moved data across interconnected systems. 

This represents a 2.5x increase compared to the same quarter last year.

Bump in newly connected locations

With the shift out of private beta and deep integration projects with platforms and operators alike, we’ve seen the number of new locations connected to Syncaroo grow by 240% since last year.

This is up from 123% increase in new syncing locations in 2021. 

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A quarter of wide-reaching upgrades.

Whilst supporting new operators who began syncing from New Zealand, Germany, the US, and the UK, our development team also worked on deep infrastructure upgrades.

This quarter we made two public announcements:

Improved syncing encryption.

Another layer of encryption was added to further secure data as it syncs through your infrastructure. 

1st internal integration: PilotoMail <> Nexudus

PilotoMail joined the ecosystem as the first Syncaroo integration to help automate operational tasks within your space.

Together, these two announcements pave the way for an even more interconnected tech stack. 

We are very excited to roll out even more integrations and tighter links between the different layers of the Operating Stack.

On top of breakthrough tech updates this year.

The updates added this quarter build upon the market-leading data syncing technology we implemented this year for operators, platforms and service providers.

Here’s a quick reminder of those updates:

A firewall for your data.

Putting operators in full control of what data you sync with each platform, partner, or service.

Sign up in seconds.

Sign up via Syncaroo‘ functionality makes registering & generating listings a breeze.

New website widgets.

Increasingly powerful widgets for promoting specific resources or recent Google Maps reviews.

Multi-lingual data syncing.

Providing a unified schema, regardless of initial language, descriptions, and taxonomies.

Other notable updates.

We’ve seen a huge increase in the demand for custom integration projects from workspace operators who are looking for ways to bring together data from custom and even ‘interesting’ setups.

These custom builds include bespoke integrations, new widgets, and bridges (ie internal syncs between separated systems)

Get more info about how we could help your space with these setups here.

We’re grateful for your continued trust in both our team and our platform-agnostic data infrastructure. 

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