StatusSync keeps platforms, members & potential customers updated during COVID-19.

We've been working alongside some of the sectors' most talented dev teams to help you keep important status updates in sync during these unprecedented times.

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads rapidly, the availability and access to coworking and other shared workspaces or buildings differs greatly from city to city.

Some spaces are available as essential business providers, enabling for trainings of more essential personnel to assist with the crisis management. Others are still partially open to facilitate teams of accountants or host exam centers or to provide their members with isolated work environments. 

Others simply cannot afford to close without directives from their local governments or ministers to do so.

Whilst all spaces know that they should be recommending social distancing, that their members stay at home and other preventative methods to flatten the curve; it’s clear their status isn’t always as simple as saying “we’re closed”.

Understandably, online listings may be outdated.

Whilst some operators have implemented processes and diverted staff time towards making sure that their listings with all the aggregators and booking apps are updated often; this is clearly not something that thousands of leaner operators can divert resources to, regardless of how important it could be.

And so, we’re getting ready to launch Syncaroo StatusSync. 

This free version of Syncaroo, that will allow workspace operators to update their open/closed/limited-availability status during the COVID-19 pandemic, and have it automagicaly synced to their listings on participating listing, aggregator and booking platforms.

If you run a space, or a platform, you can request early access here

Timeframes and who's integrated with SyncStatus.

Status Sync is now live and automatically updating lockdown statuses across a growing number of platforms.

Learn more about how connecting your space works here.

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