How much is Toggle Tax costing your flex space business?

Calculate how much constant app and context switching is costing your business in lost time, productivity and overheads.

Toggle Tax Calculator
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"Toggle Tax!? What's that?"

Glad you asked!

Our short definition is to think of Toggle Tax as the accumulation of small pauses your brain needs to take when switching interfaces while trying to get stuff done.

But it’s not a term we made up. Oh no. Hundreds of thousands of hours (and even more dollars) have been poured into researching just how big an impact the switching of applications or platforms has on individuals, and the businesses they work for.

Here are just 3 studies we found on the topic, along with some key takeaways.

What does this calculator do?

It takes your input, leverages the findings in our Toggle Tax in Flex report, and helps illustrate the productivity, operating costs and effort lost to continuous app or tab switching within our industry.

Your name and email are used to send you an email version of your results to share internally with your team or stakeholders.

A friendly Syncaroo team member may reach out to discuss how businesses like yours are eliminating their teams’ Toggle Tax.