Where did the best flex space leads come from in Q1?

According to both single-location and multi-location operators worldwide, what were the best lead-generators for flex space members in Q1 2021?

The world is shifting to whole new ways of working, living, and commuting. And with that shift, we’re poised to witness an explosion of interesting, innovative and highly-integrated ways for millions of people to find, book, and utilize flexible workspace.

As we’re dedicated to helping workspace operators automate all the repetitive and laborious workflows that go into increasing and processing inbound requests, we are always interested in what is currently working best for operators with regards to lead-generation. 

So we asked a bunch of flex workspaces operators, who’ve begun seeing a spike in demand and bookings, where their best recent leads or requests were coming from.

What converted best for flex workspaces in Q1 2021?

The chart below is the average from both single-location and multi-location operators in the US (California, Georgia, Texas, Georgia, Washington and Illinois), Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and Australia.

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It should be noted that there were clear variances depending on the size of the space or number of spaces operators, with one multi-location operator reporting that over 15% of their converting leads came through brokers, whilst others saw far better results from aggregators and alliances leads.

Websites, referrals, alliances, brokers and aggregators.

Workspaces reported that their websites generated the most converting leads (accounting for an avg. of 67.3% of new customers), followed by direct referrals at 27.4% of new customers. These sources were then followed by % of converting leads by alliance websitescommercial brokers and aggregators

Given the immense shifts we’ve seen in 2020, and that demand has just started growing again, there’s a myriad of reasons why this may be the case currently. 

We expect to see shifts in these percentages as lockdowns lift and many businesses increasingly leverage and engage with digital platforms to enable and optimize their work-from-anywhere or hub-and spoke strategies more extensively. 

What we can be certain about is that:
a) workspace websites continue to be immensely important for converting customers and,
b) there’s a huge opportunity for aggregators and brokers to become household (or ‘officehold’) names. 

But talking about websites…

Now web & landing pages can also be kept in-sync automatically.

At Syncaroo, we aim to help workspace operators grow their revenue by keeping all their current & future systems, channels and platforms automatically in-sync.

This week we added our first two auto-updating website widgets into the Syncaroo beta 

These widgets sit alongside our existing, and incoming, workflow automations that help auto-update aggregator listingsalliance maps and your favorite flex space brokers.

These website widgets can be easily setup via your Syncaroo account, and then added to webpages regardless of what a site is built on, and will always stay in-sync whenever changes are made in your connected Property Management System (or PMS).

Once setup, you can instead focus on marketing, partnerships and other traffic-driving initiatives, knowing that the important information and availability will stay up-to-date automatically.

See two of our quick (and live) demos of website widgets here.

Here’s a few creative ways you could already be using these auto-updating widgets:

Ready to add widgets to Squarespace, Wix, WordPress or any site?

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What about referrals?

We like the way you think! Watch this space. 🤓

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