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Industry Trends

The AI elephant sitting in every flex space boardroom

AI will change how office buildings and flex space businesses run, but there’s a very annoyed elephant stomping its feet and hurling important questions you should take some time to address.

State of Sync

State of Sync: Q3/22 Stakeholder Memo

This quarter we saw the total no. of sync events scream past the 5,000,000 milestone, security and speed improvements, a survey, a panel and a global consultant program.

Business News

A firewall for flex workspace data.

Data isn’t just necessary anymore. When leveraged correctly, it can build unfair competitive advantages. Here’s how we help protect your data and the advantages it creates.

Business News

Open call to flex space consultants

Do you help flex space operators and landlords pick, setup or manage their technology? Or maybe you help with SEO, marketing or strategy? We want to meet you.


NFT-enabled access app Flow adds live-inventory for flex spaces

Flow is building a platform to enable frictionless access to places, spaces, and experiences. Now they’re leveling up their solution by partnering with Syncaroo to help flex space operators sync up their data to streamline booking and check-in processes.

State of Sync

State of Sync: Q2/22 Update

Our first-ever stakeholder memo looks into the Syncaroo infrastructure, platform, integrations, and more.