Upflex makes their Syncaroo automations free.

Upflex is making it even more of a no-brainer for operators to sync live and longer-term availability with their platform.

Syncaroo is an Automation suite for flex workspace operators who value spending time on things like community building more than on copy-pasting the same information across systems.

Our ultra-affordable pricing makes it easy and cost-effective for operators of all sizes to connect & sync with the systems that matter most to each workspace location. These connections are called “Automations” in Syncaroo-land.

After the free tier, each Automation costs just $2 p/month. An immense amount of value and time-saving pushed into less than half a cup of coffee per month.

"How can we make this even more of a no-brainer?"

For the last few months, Upflex has onboarded more and more of their busy space partners into their Syncaroo integration. 

These operators sync fresher data & availability into Upflex, which in turn gets put in front of the countless organizations using the platform to find and book workspaces both on-demand and for longer flex terms.

Better data led to better visibility for spaces and improved booking experiences for employees and teams.

Seeing these promising results so far, Upflex wanted to make it even quicker and easier for more operators to connect their management systems through Syncaroo. 

So our firms worked on a plan, and today we get to announce what we came up with.

From today, any connections with Upflex will not count against any Automation limits.

In short, Upflex has arranged a deal to make connecting to their integration ‘cost’ no credits or count against any Syncaroo tier limits. 

So whether you have 1 location, or 182, automating updates and syncing bookings with Upflex via Syncaroo won’t cost you a penny, cent, or rupee. 

This deal is available to both existing space partners, and anyone who’d like to join and list their on-demand and flex space on the Upflex network. 

Ready to get started? Click your management system here to begin syncing with Upflex.

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