Upflex upgrades two-way syncing with property management systems.

Upflex has upgraded their Syncaroo integration, bringing robust two-way syncing with a growing number of property management systems.

Upflex is on a mission to enable companies to become flexible workplaces that inspire and motivate their employees. 

They do so by providing an efficient platform through which employers can provide, and employees can leverage, a wide array of flexible workspaces around the world.

Many of the workspaces outside the employer’s locations are managed by 3rd party organizations and Upflex knows that these 2,000+ Space Partners are extremely busy, and are about to get a lot busier with the surge in demand for more flexibility.

Upflex integrated with Syncaroo to scale how they help workspace operators save time, improve visitor experiences, and ultimately boost workspace revenues.

But don’t take our word for it, here’s what Ginger Dhaliwal, the Chief Product Officer at Upflex had to say about why they chose to integrate with Syncaroo:

When we started down the path of integrating our partners' inventory into the Upflex platform, we realized just how much time and effort it takes, for both our team and our space partners, to ensure this data is always accurate and up to date.

I always hoped that one day, a coworking expert who understands the challenges space providers face — someone like Hector and the team at Syncaroo — would show up and solve this enormous problem — and now they have.

We're so thrilled that Syncaroo has taken the lead on figuring out, really for the first time, a seamless way to organize and keep up to date every space's to-the-minute data in one place, and that they've chosen to work with Upflex on rolling out this leap forward for flexible workspace.

From today, workspaces using OfficeRND or Nexudus property management systems can enable two-way syncing with Upflex through Syncaroo. 

This upgraded integration is built to help 1000s of workspaces save millions of hours of work time with two-way syncing support coming to Cobot, Satellite Deskworks and even more workspace and property management systems soon too.

What is synced in two-way syncing?

Great question! Here’s how two-way syncing prevents double-bookings and avoids the need for thousands of tedious triple-checks. 

But here’s some of the benefits of syncing-up an Upflex account via Syncaroo:

Get started today.

Upflex partners can hop over to the official integration announcement and complete the form there. 

The Upflex team will then help you get all set up and syncing ASAP.

We can’t wait to help more Upflex partners automate the most laborious parts of promoting, filling and running your flex workspaces.

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