What if all your listings stayed in sync, automagically?

Letting the 'roo out of the bag. For months we've been building a solution that saves workspace managers time and helps get them more members.

Coworking space operators and their teams are pouring so many hours per year into manually updating listings for different portals, platforms, brokers and apps.

The headache compounds as more and more partnerships and platforms open up new opportunities to attract or reward new members.

Eventually as the number of platforms increase and team members change roles, ‘stale data’ is an increasing issue as workspaces may have redecorated, moved, changed pricing, or even rebranded since initially uploading their content.

This outdated, and sometimes plainly incorrect, data often leads to confusion, frustration and friction for decision-makers who are or will be weighing the option of switching to flexible workspaces.

Introducing Syncaroo.

After 1,000s of phonecalls, emails, trello cards, instant phone messages, lines of code and website copy; today we are officially announcing Syncaroo to the world.

We’ve been working quietly and passionately on this for some time and are now only a few weeks away from being able to invite our first beta testers to give Syncaroo at try.

Workspace operators, platform developers and brokers can request early access (and benefits that come with it) from today.


How will Syncaroo work?

1. Tell Syncaroo where you usually make changes first.
This could be your favourite coworking space management software, website or other app.

2. Tell Syncaroo where your workspace has listings or take bookings.
Pick which platforms have listings that you’d like to be automagically updated.

3. Go take care of your members, and let Syncaroo do it’s thing.
You’ll never have to manually copy-paste to update those listings again.

Who's involved, and why?

Syncaroo is a collaborative effort between Hector Kolonas and Robert Kropp.

Robert is not only a developer. digital nomad and remote worker, but has also physically worked out of 120+ coworking and shared workspaces across dozens of cities.

Hector on the other hand builds software, partnerships, campaigns and companies that enable coworking and business communities around the world to support entrepreneurship even more. 

Whilst the technical (and arguably audacious) challenge of building the backbone to maintain data-freshness across the global workspace sector is definitely a keen motivation for both of us, protecting the precious time that could better be spent on connecting with humans in and around coworking & shared workspaces is the main mission driving Syncaroo.

Providing fresh availability & pricing data to more of the great apps, platforms and brokers who help fill these communities with amazing humans, is also pretty darn high on our list of reasons for founding Syncaroo.

Who's integrated?

In the next few days we’ll be announcing our first launch integration partners, ie who will be integrated with Syncaroo from day one.

If you work for or run a management, listing, aggregator, booking or other workspace app or platform, get in touch to get more information on getting integrated with Syncaroo today.

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