Why we’re excited about Coworking Alliances, and their global summit next week

What's next for coworking alliances and how they're gathering to collaborate and share with each other.

Quick intro to "Coworking Alliances".

Coworking spaces have always been important local economic and social gathering points. As the world learned new and different ways to work, these spaces became an even more important part of communities, economic infrastructure and the commercial real estate market.

Given that coworking is designed to enable networking, collaboration and connections between member businesses it should come as no shock that the operators of many of these spaces wanted ways to collaborate and support other operators who shared the same geographic region, ideologies or business structures.

These multi-operator collaborations often lead to forming what’s known commonly as “coworking alliances”. Whilst they’ve also been called federations, associations, clubs, networks and more, we’ll refer to them collectively as alliances to keep things clearer.

Alliances usually collaborate on supporting participating spaces (and their teams) with shared marketing resources, collective representation, media outreach, market education and sign-posting businesses and individuals seeking specific types of community-focussed spaces.

The Coworking Alliance Summit.

We’re extremely proud to be co-hosting the first ever global Coworking Alliance Summit on April 27th so that leaders of these alliances can gather to share lessons learned, discuss the challenges facing their collaborations and explore technology that could help them achieve their objectives more efficiently.

If you’re running, are a member of, or are thinking of starting a coworking alliance, please do join us at The Coworking Alliance Summit.

Alliances and workspace discovery.

With alliances stepping up their messaging, support, reach and tech, they’ll become great resources to individuals and teams looking for specific kinds of flex workspace.

At Syncaroo, we believe that alliances will become a fantastic channel for workspace discovery, regardless of which platform, app, aggregator or website the space is then booked through.

We’ve been working with coworking alliances since day one, so if you’d like to chat with us about how we can help your own alliance, do connect with us at The Coworking Summit, or ping us an email and say hi.

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